Around the World in One Day

What could be more fabulous than a trip around the world? There’s no need to book those round the world flights just yet though, you can discover a world of destinations, old and new, right on your Las Vegas hotel doorstep. From Italy to Ancient Egypt and even fairy tale castles, there’s a destination for every diva.

Ancient Egyptian Extravagance

Cleopatra is history’s original diva. Known as one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived, Queen Cleo bathed in milk and dressed in gold, she was a woman who appreciated the finer things and was an expert with an eyeliner pencil – where would we be without her famous cat-eye flick?

If you fancy a taste of Egyptian luxury like the Queen of the Nile herself, head to the world famous Luxor Hotel in the heart of Las Vegas. This magnificent hotel is set inside a giant glass pyramid bordered with palm trees, entered from under a colossal replica of the Sphinx. If that wasn’t impressive enough, check the Luxor out at night – a giant beam of light is projected from the apex of the pyramid and is said to be visible from space. Even Cleopatra herself would be satisfied with that level of luxury.

Hit the slots in the hotel’s own casino or wine and dine like the Egyptians themselves in the hotel restaurant, maybe even take in a show. There’s exhibitions, musicals and comedians all waiting to turn your evening into an unforgettable experience. Finish your evening in the Luxor’s very own nightclub, now the Egyptians didn’t have that did they?

You don’t have to jump on a plane to Cairo to enjoy the splendour of Egypt; it’s all right here at the Luxor Hotel. Don your headdress and layer on some gold jewellery and you’ll be set for an evening of opulence inside Las Vegas’ very own pyramid.

Fairy Tale in New York

If you’re more of a fairy tale princess than a fabulous Pharaoh, The Excalibur Hotel is a perfect fit for you. Travel back in time to Medieval Europe in this dreamy themed hotel. This fabulous castle is complete with turrets and a moat and offers you ladies the perfect way to let down your hair Rapunzel style and maybe even meet your Prince Charming.

Play poker like a princess or dabble in the slot machines in Excalibur’s casino. Enjoy a gourmet dinner and a show – a medieval themed night wouldn’t be complete without a banquet. The Excalibur hotel offers some of Las Vegas’ best shows with live music, dancing and diva delicious performances like male strip acts – what more could a girl want?

After you’ve feasted your eyes and appetites, cross the drawbridge over Excalibur’s famous moat and find yourself in the midst of New York City, complete with an impressive replica of the Statue of Liberty. Sip cocktails like you’re in Sex in the City (and debate with your girls over who gets to be Samantha). If you’re in for a thrill, brave a ride on the Big Apple Rollercoaster – Las Vegas is all about excitement. The Excalibur Hotel is a dream come true and offers you your very own fairy tale in New York experience.

Italian Passion

If you’re a lady that loves her men tall, dark and handsome and is partial to a sizzling night of pizza and passion, then Italy is your dream destination. No need to leave Las Vegas though, there are two Italian themed hotels sat right on the main strip.

The ornate Bellagio Hotel encompasses the style and opulence of Italy and is inspired by the northern Italian town of the same name, set on the shores of famous Lake Como. The Bellagio is one of Las Vegas’ grandest hotels and boasts an 11-acre manmade lake, named Lago di Bellagio, after the hotel itself. The lake is lined with fountains that shoot 200 foot sprays of water into the air and there’s five Mediterranean style swimming pools surrounded by citrus trees, so you can be transported to the Italian countryside, but with the additional benefit of table service!

If your idea of Italy is more relaxed and romantic, head to The Venetian Hotel, which as the name suggests, is styled after the beautiful Italian city of Venice. The Venetian is a stunning sight with ornate Italian architecture and a ceiling to rival the Sistine Chapel. There’s plenty of gourmet pasta to be had or charming bistros to relax with a coffee and a cheeky biscotti. Sip a Bellini at the cocktail bar or take in a show. Before you say ciao, check out The Venetian’s main attraction – The Grand Canal – a traditional style canal complete with gondola rides. Maybe you’ll even find a handsome man to accompany you!

Hot Miami Vibes

Last but not least, is a trip to tropical Miami Beach. There’s no need to pack your passport, Miami is right on your doorstep at the Tropicana Hotel on Las Vegas’ famous strip.

This 50’s Tropicana theme hotel makes you feel as if you’ve stepped out onto South Beach – just don’t forget your bikini! The lagoon-style swimming pool is surrounded by lush gardens, palm trees and flowing waterfalls, it’s the ultimate paradise. Don your shades and set yourself up for a day of tanning on one of the sleek loungers, day beds or cabanas, or flirt with lady luck at the swim-up blackjack table. If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of Miami South Beach, there’s a private island in the centre of the swimming pool – what girl wouldn’t want her very own island for the day?

Head into the stylish hotel and you’ll notice the scents of coconut and vanilla in the air. The chic white marble décor will cool you down enough to enjoy a delicious mixed grill at Tropicana Hotel’s restaurant and if you’re still feeling that hot Miami heat, indulge in a frozen cocktail at the sleek bar. If you’re a beach loving babe with a taste for luxury, the Tropicana Hotel will really hit the spot.

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