Calling All Divas!

From Britney to J-Lo, we all love a diva. Whether it’s reading about their latest relationship online, trying to recreate their latest red carpet outfit or researching places that they love to visit so you might have a chance to sneak a peek at them or grab that Instagram worthy selfie with them. We all really do love a diva but sometimes we also need to become a diva and embrace their lifestyle and love of all things glamorous, sparkly and exclusive.

Thomas Cook Airlines has embraced the love of divas and created a place for all you beautiful divas, where you can find a huge amount of information on either how to holiday like a diva or how to get closer to your favourite diva. Thomas Cook Airlines offera a fantastic flying programme around the world including hotspots such as Las Vegas and New York, exotic beach destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and everything in between. With incredible in flight service and extras, affordable prices and daily departures from key airports in the UK; escaping on your next holiday, diva style, has never been easier.

With Thomas Cook Airlines you are about to change the way that you plan your holidays, embrace your inner diva and add that extra bit of sparkle to your next holiday!


Now that you have experienced a little bit of Las Vegas diva glam, it is now your chance to live it in real life! We are looking for that special diva who can become our eyes and ears on the ground in Las Vegas and we hope that you will accept the challenge! To be entered into the competition to win a trip to Las Vegas for you and a friend to become the roving diva reporter for Thomas Cook Airlines, you will need to complete the following:

1. You attended our #divasglamvegas
2. You got papped on the night either by our official photographer, in our photobooth or took your very own selfie (we will share these all shortly!);
3. Share your experience of the night (via an event roundup on your blog) and tweet us the link to your blog using #divasglamvegas.

That’s it! You will then be entered into the draw.

If you are the lucky winner of the competition, you and your companion will become the Thomas Cook Airlines official honorary Las Vegas diva. We have obviously done a lot of the leg work and have some excellent tips on how to embrace Las Vegas like a diva but….. we want more! Whilst you are away we want to see proof of you living the high life, finding new and exciting glamorous hotspots and just generally being totally and utterly fabulous. Upon your return we would love to be able to get an update from you so that we can update our divas website with the latest information and images and also interview you and have you featured on our blog. Now that’s what we call the chance of a lifetime! Full terms and conditions for the competition can be found here and if you have additional questions, please get in touch via email or on twitter!

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